Hi, my name is Ben, and I’m a writer. If that sounds a bit AA, then so be it; it’s a habit, I rarely get paid for it, but I can’t help myself. Born 1971, West Yorkshire, live in Brighton, work in a shop, love music, old books, don’t go to the cinema as often as I should, don’t pick up my guitar as often as I should, no TV, no religion, vegetarian, armchair anarchist, aging angry young man and last of the neurotic boy outsiders. I used to do proper zines, with scissors and pritstick and big staplers and photocopying; now I do it like this. Otherwise, I’m an analog guy in a digital world; still listening to vinyl, no mobile, no IPOD. I also write for Stool Pigeon magazine, and anyone who’ll have me…

One Response to “About”

  1. tai Says:

    sorry to bother, but we (POWERSTRIP CIRCUS) are running over the web to find new friends who love great music and like good music. the music can be varied from hard electro to dope hip-hop to smooth lounge. the core agreement is the love for music; and a lil skewed to the left — sometimes.

    so, we started POWERSTRIP CIRCUS (PSC). living in music centrist NYC we always want more folks to send us music, write about music (that we hope to one day be able to pay), enjoying all the fresh music.

    June 4th, we are having a big ol’ launch bash in NYC.

    PSC Launch | Coco 66 | 66 Greenpoint Avenue | Brooklyn | 5 BUCKS | 10pm – ?? [http://powerstripcircus.com/?p=1699]

    PSC will have dope DJs. dope live acts. pretty girls. and liquor to buy.

    but outside of talking about us… which i hope you will… i’d love to get you to write a story or 5 about music on PSC. let’s talk. and thanks for the moment.


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