Favourite albums of 2015

1. Fuzz- II
2. Viet Cong- S/T
3. Golden Void- Berkana
4. Sextile- A Thousand Hands
5. Minami Deutsch- S/T
6. White Hills- Walks for Motorists
7. The Band Whose Name is a Symbol- Masters of the Molehill
8. Die Wilde Jagd- S/T
9. Dommengang- Everybody’s Boogie
10. Moon Duo- Shadow of the Sun
11. Black Bombaim- Live at Casazul
12. Sonic Jesus- Neither Virtue nor Anger
13. The Soft Moon- Deeper
14. Trembling Bells- The Sovereign Self
15. Lonelady- Hinterlands
16. Hills- Frid
17. Follakzoid- III
18. Baby Dee- I Am A Stick
19. Clowwns- The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo
20. Taman Shud- Viper Smoke
21. The Lucid Dream- S/T
22. The Oscillation- Beyond the Mirror
23. Graham Parker & the Rumour- Mystery Glue
24. Wreckless Eric- America
25. Dave Heumann- Here in the Deep
26. Susan James- Sea Glass
27. Gold Class- It’s You
28. The Wave Pictures- Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon
29. Wire- S/T
30. Chorusgirl- S/T
31. The Chills- Silver Bullets
32. Lushes- Service Industry
33. Cold Showers- Matter of Choice
34. Teeth of the Sea- Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
35. Six Organs of Admittance- Hexadic parts 1 &2
36. Rocket from the Tombs- Black Record
37. Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power- Today is the Day that they take me away
38. Marcus Hamblett- Concrete
39. White Manna- Pan
40. Nightingales- Mind over Matter
41. Steeple Remove- Position Normal
42. Anna Von Hauswolff- The Miraculous
43. Death- NEW
44. Hamilton Yarns- Two Coins in a Fountain / The Eye of the Storm
45. Bass Drum of Death- Rip This
46. Black Tempest- Darkness Unfolding
47. The Living Eyes- Living Large
48. Sauna Youth- Distractions
49. Dutch Uncles- O Shudder
50. Axis Sova- Early Surf

Just outside for now: Rats on Rafts, Death & Vanilla, Blank Realm, Eternal Tapestry, Ecka Liena, William D Drake, Kellar, the Lilac Time, Red River Dialect, Dead Sea Apes, Hallock Hill, Wetdog, the Chemistry Experiment, Noteherder & McCloud, Nev Cottee, Alasdair Roberts.


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